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Because reality is overrated.

Jun 13, 2019

We're back!

But we'll be releasing slowly. We are in the middle of moving, an effort to downsize and save money and hopefully finance more of this story in the future.

But we also hope to run a campaign (prob Kickstarter) in hopes of getting financial help to pay Ian for the next book:  Asylum, of which we have 50,000 words already written and ready to be narrated.

Drop us a line at or find us on Ko-fi and let us know what you would like to see for incentives on Kickstarter, free ebook? free coffee mug? or just a heartfelt thanks. 

Or maybe Kickstarter is not the way to go. Maybe you can suggest a better platform for raising funds.

We are creators, not marketers and we have no fucking idea how to run a campaign or sell ourselves in this big, online, scary world.

Any of you have words of advice, we would love to hear it.


As always, thanks for listening and making all the work we've put into this story worth it. So much more rewarding when you know people are enjoying what you are creating.

much love,

Max and Lita



on Ko-Fi we do have some audio posted (Howard Diary and Author Commentary), check it out!